About us

We are a small business based in the Metro New York area. We look to select very fine and newest technology fabrics and design final products in the USA. We then look to produce the bags utilizing the finest materials and craftmanship available for the highest functionality of our products/ 


"Style and Function in a Tote" – by Julie


Style means a lot. When you have spent time working toward and developing a style to call your own, then it means that much more to you. You have taken a piece here, a piece there, peeling away all the extra layers to come up with something that reflects your personality with precision. Originally a ceramic designer, Julie gets that metaphor both literally and figuratively. She is someone who has spent many years coming up with a style that is distinctively hers. After all that time, there is just one thing for her to do: share. Yes, she wants to share her style and the product of all her efforts with as many people as she can. To that end, she is proud to present these new tote bags.


Julie designs her tote bags in New York. Manufactured in a world-class mill in Vietnam, all toes are made with a top-quality, proprietary material, which Julie and her team developed to set a new standard on several levels. Features of the totes include:


* UV protection

* Water repellent

* Cooling effect

* Quick drying

* Lightweight


All our totes can be embroidered with any initials, making these totes perfect as a bridesmaid gift or as a gift for any other occasion. Just picture it: you are walking around on a city sidewalk, enjoying some sunshine, or wandering through a field, enjoying nature in all its picturesque glory. Suited for any and all purposes, our totes are both stylish and functional.


“I have created these totes to be items that I myself would be proud and happy to use. I know how tough it can be to find a tote that you absolutely love, not just one that you can put up with but one that you really love. I hope that you do love these totes as much as I have loved creating them.”


- Julie, our founder