CLARANY Quilted Waist Belt Crossbody Bag Lightweight Water Repellent color Beige (Beige)

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Product Description

CLARANY Quilted Crossbody Waist Belt Bag  Lightweight Water Repellent color Beige

Comfortable, Lightweight, Easy to clean, Easy to wash, Versatile all year-round sustainable bag with elegance style
1) Material:
*Prime fabric for in and out of the bag: recently developed this new material for special character  include:  
-Ultra light air weight
- U.V protection
-Cooling effect
-Quick dry
2) Finish Special Finished on material to give additional function include:
-Water Repellent
-Stain Resistance
3) Quilt: machine quilted with lightweight fiber. Diamond quilt pattern gives elegance in style.
4) workmanship: we supplied England, USA branded bag, totes and sport bag companies.
5) Design: designed in U.S.A and material selected at NJ studio for focusing  comfort, hi-fashion, prime quality and everyday carry stylish bag.   
6)Measurement: 5.5”(H) x 8”(W) x 2.5”( D)